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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live from inside the stadium. >> the long national nightmare has come to an end. the nfl referee lockout is over. it is the longest deal they've had with the referees so we won't have to go through this any time soon. what we saw was calamitous as far as the game management and the nfl. it came to a head monday night and this game which was an interception which should have been ruled as such was called a touchdown and that set off a furor nationwide. roger bell took a lot of heat in regards to what has been going on. he's feeling much better. >> what is most difficult about it is you have the two parties but you have a lot of parties outside the room that get impacted by it, starting with our fans and we are sorry to bring our fans to that and the general public to that. that is the unfortunate part of labor-management disputes. >> just a few days ago, we
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heard -- i cannot repeat what was enchanting, but they want are pointing to they have to get this thing done and they did. let's go outside the stadium for more. >> fans are so excited to have the regular referee's back. we are here with a crowd that tailgates for every home game. tell me about how you are feeling having the regular referee's back. >> we are glad to have the regular referee's back. its mostly family and friends, people we work with. we bought a van and paint it purple and we have been years since day one. >> talk a little bit about what the stadium was like last sunday night. >> it was a great game. i had season tickets for eight
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years. you have had them from the get go. it was one of the loudest things i've seen in my life. it was a great game. >> fans like you are what make the stadium rock. as we look back at the dirty dozen crew, this is just a little bit of what you make. >> it is the best in baltimore. >> you guys have oysters do. >> we have pork, we've got everything. what do you want to have? we will bring you some. >> let's get a big go ravens.
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live throughout howard county to be extra vigilant in this case. close to a dozen burglaries' -- police are hoping somebody can get some sort of description to lead them in the direction of what they believe is a lone suspect. >> i grew up here and moved back in here. 40 years, i've been here and nothing like this has happened. it's crazy. >> it is a burglary victims as what happened to him and the number of his neighbors just doesn't make sense. he says he returned home on to a clock in the afternoon to find a back door of his home kick in and the number of the valuables inside still one, including his tickets to the thursday night raven's game.
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>> they were looking for jewelry and things like that. that's all i know. they got raven's tickets to. >> his is about one of a dozen break-ins that have occurred since monday and popped up in areas like a look at city, colombia, clarksville and woodbine. >> he's knocking on doors to see if residents are home. when he finds a resident company asks for someone who doesn't live there and quickly leaves. >> police believe all of the break-ins are related and most likely being committed by the same person. they also say they always got a huge break in the case after the suspect was spotted by a 13- year-old boy. >> he was at home when he heard someone knocking out affront door. he did not answer and soon after the door was kicked in. when the suspect realize someone was in the house, he ran away quickly. >> please are reminding all residents of howard county to make sure deadbolts on their door are locked and to hide their valuables. >> people should keep their valuables in an unexpected place. don't put them in your jewelry box. you have a safe or can get one, that's the best way to secure your property. >> police are asking anyone who sees something suspicious in their neighborhood, including focused you don't recognize knocking on doors, to call 911 immediately. >> carroll county has moved one step closer to making english its official language. by 4-0 vote, the commission passed the english ordinance, so
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what is next? >> welcome to carroll county. feel right at home and feel free to speak english. that appears to be the message coming from members of the county commission. they want to amend an ordinance to make english the official language. it's a proposal backed by commissioner shoemaker. >> it is relatively straightforward. it's not anything radical, i just adopt the english language as the official language for the purpose of the government. >> one section makes it necessary that the rule of english as a common language is preserved and enhanced. the proposal has become a hot topic on main street. >> i think it's a waste of taxpayers' money and time. here we have a board of republican commissioners who are supposed to be fiscally conservative and they're going to waste all this time and money on this? it's unnecessary. >> everybody here has been here
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long time. mostly elderly residents and i don't think they do want to learn how to speak any other language. i think carol county needs to speak english. >> it doesn't matter either way. i just moved here and it's not a big deal. >> commissioners said it will be exceptions. >> for purposes of education, that is absolutely a ok. it doesn't have any applicability to the private sector either. >> the proposal is not headed to a hearing where the public will get a chance to weigh in. >> passengers on a united airlines flight had to intervene when a man became irate. >> we
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>> in the race for the white house, both campaigns landed in the battleground state of virginia today. >> president obama won the state and 2008 and not
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considered one of the most competitive states in this election. >> the candidates to came at one another on the economy and defense. >> it the white house proposed a sequestration, kind of a gun to your head opportunity. >> addressing veterans and virginia, mitt romney blasted president obama for pending tax cuts. it would be triggered if lawmakers can't agree on a deficit-reduction program. >> a strange proposal in the first place. even stranger is being put in place. secretary nicolson indicated, the impact will be immediate and significant. >> romney cited lost of 130,000 jobs in virginia. >> my opponent has a plan. there's one thing missing from it -- arithmetic. >> the president portrayed romney as out of touch with the middle class. >> my opponent thinks it's fair for someone who makes $20
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million a year, like him, pays a lower rate than a cop or a teacher who makes $50,000. >> both campaigns are out with new ads. romney is targeting working class voters. >> obama wages war on coal while we lose jobs to tie. >> obama shows veterans and working-class americans the secret comments robbie made about 47% of americans. absentee voting is already underway in virginia. early voting began today in iowa and it is already under way and some other key swing states. >> passengers of a united airlines flight use the belts to hold out another passenger who had an outburst during the cross-country flight. this is cellphone video shot on
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board the plane traveling from chicago to orange county, california on tuesday night. passengers say he was drunk at the time of the incident. it lasted for about three hours. he even went as far as spitting. once on the ground, passengers watched as he was arrested and removed from the plane. >> so far, so before tailgaters, but things will and has shore's approach from the west as we speak. a warm and muggy evening with temperatures near 80 in some locations. that will set the stage for a potential shower. fender chances mainly to the south but severe storm -- severe storms in northern virginia from d.c. south into virginia but you can see showers near hagerstown and parts of frederick county. sprinkle some parts of frederick
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county, all that moving east so that the rain chances will be increasing as we go through the football game hours. the potential for what weather during the football game this evening. our forecast -- 76 at kickoff. 72 by the game is over. maybe 60% chance of showers at the stadium tonight. east wins at 5 to 10 miles an hour and monday downtown. there has already been some rain in parts of northern maryland. heavy downpours and upwards of a major grain up there. nothing so far in the rain
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gauge. almost 7 inches below normal for the state. 81 degrees at that airport. -- a recordcantly on this day. i can still get cold, it can still get hot. we still see a lot of seventies and upper '70's in some locations. look for lows to hold in the '60s well above normal with scattered showers, east went, and muggy conditions. an area of low pressure over the mountains is attracting a long this slow-moving front. it's moving south and we should be -- it should still be triggering a few showers. bashar chances will linger into tomorrow especially on the eastern shore. rain chances diminished a little bit and we will even see some some saturday. the low pressure happening over
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the ohio valley will be getting closer. we may see a last batch of showers later in the weekend. about 30% chance of a shower. west when that 5 to 10 knots. the seven-day forecast -- keeping the unsettled weather going through tomorrow. a break on saturday as temperatures cool. 72 on sunday with a chance of a shower and a stretch of dry weather as high pressure comes in for monday, tuesday and wednesday. inhibits the regular referees' return for
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>> the irregulars are in -- the referee is first assignment tonight at the stadium -- d d it officiating hold up during the raven's game?
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it could be a stolen piece of artwork from the baltimore museum. these stories and more
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>> the seven-day forecast -- warm and muggy tonight with showers moving to the area. it clears out all little before march hours develop sunday evening. >> thank you for joining us. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean one hundred ninety nine million a year... for schools...gaming revenue that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money...


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